Soffia Bjorg – The Road 
Soffia Bjorg - The Road

Release Date: Out Now

Iceland, on the whole, have had a pretty good year this year. They did well in the football, introduced a whole range of beers to the rest of the world, set out a political agenda that the rest of the world could learn from and then, well, then there’s Soffia Bjorg. The singer-songwriter’s new single ‘The Road’ is as deliciously brooding, swaggering and dark as her previous efforts with the obvious PJ Harvey and Florence Welch influences shining through. However, there are elements of First Aid Kit in the country tinged vocal melodies and baritone guitars and no lack of steeliness in our heroine’s determination. I would hope that those advising and supporting Bjorg are planning a tour and as many festivals as possible as I think she is ready to take her steely eyed yet sumptuous music to the masses.