Patawawa – Could Be Love (Soundplate Records) 
Patawawa - Could Be Love

Release Date: Out Now

Superb Matlock trio Patawawa are back with another single, called ‘Could Be Love’ this time, and their consistency is matched only by their funkiness. The click-clack rhythm and early morning bird song is soon embellished by a Daft Punk featuring Nile Rodgers funk tune that should get the most sedentary amongst you up and dancing. There’s a lightness, an airiness to this tune that somehow jars with the British autumn and its heavy grey skies but if you can’t enjoy the pulsing bass line and twitchy guitars all wrapped in the sweet twin male-female vocals then I give up on you. Patawawa have West Coast cool wrapped up with English style to create a slick and instantly infectious piece of ‘fall in love’ club dance music with a brain and no shortage of soul. Isn’t it time you got some Patawawa in your life?