Yes Babez! – Round Around 
Yez Babez! - Round Around

Release Date: Out Now

The perky London pair Yes Babez! are back with their exclamation mark and their ability to write infectiously upbeat pop tunes. ‘Round Around’ is a wonderfully country infused little number with a little bit of banjo and rattling hobo drums classing with a pop beat and the saccharine sweet twin vocals of Mick and Lily. There’s a hand clap breakdown and the kind of lyrics that 12 year olds can learn because of the catchy melody. Now, the only problem I have with this song is that if Olly Murs or some other X Factor muppet was singing this with a manic grin and a trilby I’d probably hate it but coming from these guys I kinda like it. Why is that a problem? Because that makes me feel like a bit of a snob but I don’t care, I just don’t like Olly Murs.