Pip Hall – Devil You Don’t (My Little Empire Records) 
Pip Hall - Devil You Don't

Release Date: Out Now

Kids, eh? Hanging around on their own, absorbed in their smart phones and disengaged with the world. Terrible. Except that’s not true, is it? There is a constant flow of talent young musicians coming my way at the moment and the latest is Pip Hall, an extremely hotly tipped 16-year-old from Preston. New single ‘Devil You Don’t’ is a slow burner to begin with as a low synth rumble creeps in from the horizon before Hall’s soft, smoky vocals drift in breathily a beat kicks in. We’re in Lady Hawke meets Kimbra meets Lorde meets Seaker territory here but with some scuzzy guitars thrown in and the kind of energy that would get you out of bed at sunrise with a determined smile. There’s a maturity far beyond her meagre years here and the kind of potential that gets a lot of people very excited and for good reason. More in 2017 for sure, assuming she’s got her GCSEs sorted.