Izzy Flynn – Faith 
Izzy Flynn - Faith

Release Date: Out Now

Now, I know what you’re thinking and, no, this is not a cover of the George Michael classic. No, instead, this consummate musician is stepping out from the backing bands and the shadows to make a name for herself and ‘Faith’ is a hell of a way in. Izzy Flynn’s vocals have that slightly cracked beauty that worked so well for Portishead or Everything but The Girl but there’s an added elegance here as her voice floats and weaves like a humming bird rising up above the dark storm below. The electronic melodies and pulsing beats layer up to create the kind of classy climax that La Roux used to employ and you know that you’re listening to a special talent. I expect Flynn has a couple of extra gears to move through in terms of energy but this is a darkly classy electro ballad with a beautiful video to match. Well played Ms Flynn.