Angie – Housewife Spliffin’
Angie - Housewife Spliffin'

Release Date: Out Now

Sweden’s queen of moral outrage Angie is back with another fantastic slice of blissed out chill pop that surprisingly has the tabloids queuing up to praise her. I say surprisingly because ‘Housewife Spliffin’’ is essentially a song about hanging around the house all day smoking weed and maybe squeezing in the odd half arsed chore. The darkly beautiful star sings a lazy chorus atop a bare beat and some sparse keys, “Oh bae, I call it housewife spliffin’, just without a man and no housework mission”. The brilliance here is not only that Angie has created a supremely catchy pop tune from the most meagre of instrumentation but also that she doesn’t even seem to be trying that hard. If she can write a song this good with a few ‘do do dos’ and high as a kite, then 2017 might just want to watch the hell out.