San Cisco – SloMo (Island City Records) 
San Cisco - SloMo

Release Date: Out Now

Wow. This is almost too funky for a Sunday evening but, hey, why not start the week with a boogie, right? Aussie quartet San Cisco are back with new single ‘SloMo’ and boy is it perky. Tight, funky guitars and the kind of beat that the Bee Gees would have revelled in collide in a state of euphoria with some slick, sugary vocals to glue it all together. San Cisco don’t quite stray in to Mika territory (e.g. irritating as fuck) but this is still as perky as a vitamin D infused 4-year-old on a diet of Red Bull and Sunny D (still less irritating than Mika). So, throw on your boldest outfit and a pair of shades – let’s strut and make today count.