Penny Bridges – Blue 
Penny Bridges - Blue

Release Date: Out Now

This is the second single I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing from Wolverhampton lass Penny Bridges and I have to say that this one has some beautiful cover art – I do like a nice piece of cover art. ‘Blue’, for that is the name of this single, opens with an optimistic acoustic strum and then Bridges’ husky, dusky, elfin vocal joins in with a gentle, urging beat and suddenly the song is transformed. The vocal style of Bridges is utterly encapsulating and delicate in a way that Nina Persson or Joanna Newsom have done so well with and it is so beautiful it makes the world around you stop for just a moment. Throw in some Cello and a sense of hope and you’ll get a feel for how this song progresses or evolves. Gorgeous stuff for a crisp Autumn morning as the mist rises of the fields and the animals have their morning stretch.

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