Line Mari – Haters 
Line Mari - Haters

Release Date: Out Now

Having had a slew of Swedes recently, it’s time to hear what Norway has to offer on the pop front. The hotly tipped Line Mari is first to put her head above the trenches and new single ‘Haters’ has a strong start with some excellent cover art (never to be underestimated in catching the eye of a reviewer). A doom laden piano introduction is soon soothed by Mari’s voice coming in from the cold darkness with an almost uncomfortable closeness. At just under the minute mark, however, the song slides smoothly in to Ellie Goulding territory with floaty synth melodies and vocals that are dripping in honey and floating on air. Underneath it all, that piano keeps nudging away relentlessly giving this tune an edge that keeps it on the right side of US mass produced cheese. Not a bad start Line Mari, not bad at all.