Eujenics – Far Stranger 
Eujenics - Far Stranger

Release Date: Out Now

Geordie boys Eujenics (aka Sam, Chris, David and Adam to their mums) have got the uniform down in their flannel shirts, scuffed trainers and hoodies. Their press release talks about the right influences from Placebo and the Manic Street Preachers to Queens Of The Stone Age and Silverchair. But can they walk the walk on new single ‘Far Stranger’. In a word, yes. This tune comes in like a juggernaut playing the heavier end of Muse’s cannon at full volume over the CB radio. These guitars are industrial, the drums clatter and then the vocals come on pitched somewhere between heavy metal Gods and indie shoe shufflers. This is a real wakeup call and you can’t fault the musicianship or songwriting at all but I would suggest that over five minutes is too long for a song of this magnitude – you’re in danger of leaving listeners twitching in a pool of their saliva at that length.

Live Dates:

26th November – Bannermans, Edinburgh
17th December – Crez Festival, Manchester
22nd January – Tru Studios, Chilton
19th February – Tru Studios, Chilton

26th February – Tru Studios, Chilton