Death Team – Messed Up (Warner Music) 
Death Team - Messed Up

Release Date: Out Now

Yeah, the Swedes can’t stop themselves from churning out excellent pop at the moment and next on the conveyor belt is the excellently named Death Team. This male/female duo are on the fast track to pop stardom and new single ‘Messed Up’ is something a little bit special for all the right reasons. The Hip-Hop beats and swagger are wonderfully juxtaposed by the squeaky Aqua-esque vocals of Mayka but it’s all glued together by the sticky juice of the pop sensibilities that have endured since Abba broke the mould way back when. As if this pair couldn’t get any more cool or relevant, it turns out that they met Stockholm’s Spotify headquarters and fell in creative love so jump on the bandwagon and let’s all have a party in Ikea (other Swedish shops and stereotypes are available).