Zohara – Play 
Zohara - Play

Release Date: Out Now

Ahead of the release of her debut album, Tel Aviv chanteuse Zohara is treating us to a new single ‘Play’ and I implore you to immerse yourself in its sheer loveliness. Woven together by Zohara’s distinctive vocal, ‘Play’ combines the airy lightness of Tennis, the melodies of LadyHawke, the lo-fi pop of Belle & Sebastian and the slickness of Metronomy. A wonderful mish-mash of instrumentation to create the most jazz infused approach to pop I’ve heard in a long time and that’s got to be an exciting thing these days when pop has become so frightfully predictable. On this evidence the album should be a hoot but with a November release date I can’t help but feel this it better suited to the summer. Then again, it’s always summer somewhere, right?