Victoria Lane – Don’t Regret It 
Victoria Lane - Don't Regret It

Release Date: Out Now

Despite sounding like a quaint little side street in suburban England, Victoria Lane is actually a pop starlet in development down in Miami (probably riding around in shiny convertible as I type). Lane’s new single, ‘Don’t Regret It’, is a strange mix of visual and aural differences. If you close your eyes and listen, you’d expect Victoria to be a sassy, leather clad pop strumpet pushing everything her mamma gave her in to the camera. The tight guitar and smooth vocals are perfect for the electro beats to surge in to during the chorus, creating an uplifting break up tune. Then you open your eyes and see Victoria in her video appearing like something between the innocent girl next door or your friend’s mum who might just be your first fantasy. This is a moving on song and could stand shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Katy Perry or Meghan Trainor in the pop parade so let’s put looks to one side and focus on the music for once, eh?