Vanessa Anne Redd – Drona Sticks 
Vanessa Anne Redd - Drona Sticks

Release Date: Out Now

Well here’s something a little different. I listen to so much music in the pursuit of sorting the wheat from the chaff that sometimes you become immune to certain songs and melodies but London based German Vanessa Anne Redd is hugely refreshing and sticks out like a red poppy in a field covered in snow. This new single, ‘Drona Sticks’, opens with some muted guitar notes and some real campfire percussion (including hand claps) that all start to build together slowly to create a raw but utterly uplifting piece as some dissonant piano notes and layered vocals all add to the audio soup. Think PJ Harvey and Patti Smith messing about in a London studio on a grey, Autumnal Sunday afternoon or Anna Calvi and Kim Deal being pushed by Bjork to let their inner spirit speak through their playing. I normally shy away from comparing female musicians with only other female musicians but there is something intrinsically creative and free spirited about Vanessa Anne Redd that, for some reason, I cannot imagine anyone with testicles even coming close to. The best I could do was Nick Cave but his spirit is far to leaden for that to work.

Live Dates:

9th November – Servant Jazz Quarters, London