Roadside – Disarm 
Roadside - Disarm

Release Date: Out Now

Roadside are a band I’ve known about for a very long time. Indeed, back in the days when I used to perform in bands rather than just critiquing them, I’m pretty sure my first band supported them in one of Plymouth’s various fleshpots. The band’s new single, ‘Disarm’, has just been released and is their latest attempt to elevate themselves from local gods to a national concern. Now, there’s a brave move in the video alone as they go for over 90 seconds of film, no talking and no music before we get the choppy and slightly menacing opening chords come crunching in. The indie-pop jangle of the guitars and sad undertones give this a feel of the Zutons or Space with its small town storytelling and dreams of something bigger, something more. Now, the production quality is a bit sketchy but there is a real song in here with quality to the songwriting. Put that together with a nicely thought out video that’s had a bit of time spent on it and things look positive for Roadside.

Watch The Video: