Professor Green – Back On The Market 
Professor Green - Back On The Market

Release Date: Out Now

I’ve never been able to work out if I like Professor Green or not. On the one hand, none of his tunes stick in my head and his voice sounds like a snot covered pre-teen high on too much Haribo. On the other hand, he is the enfant terrible of the British Hip-Hop world and I am always attracted to a bad boy. This new single, ‘Back On The Market’, is a return to his roots as Prof. Green takes on all those that have crossed him over the years from the Police, his former label, former lovers and anyone who didn’t think Leicester would win the Premier League last season (yes really). Lyrically, Green is excellent and swings from humorous to cutting with ease but it does leave me feeling that this is a missed opportunity; in times like these we need artists like Professor Green, those with large followings and international audiences, to be taking the big players to task from the government to the EU to the human rights issues going on all around us. Instead, Professor Green simply prefers to tell us all that he’s back on the market (presumably not an actual market, selling fruit and veg) and then has a go at breaking the world record for how many c-bombs he can drop in one verse. Like I said, bright lad but could do more if he applied himself in the right areas.