Parekh & Singh – Newbury Street (Peacefrog) 
Parekh & Singh - Newbury Street

Release Date: Out Now

Having only discovered this duo quite recently, they seem to making huge strides including getting some BBC 6 Music air time and having this track premiered on USA Today. Then again, they are a particularly sharply dressed pair and they do write exceedingly good songs. ‘Newbury Street’ begins with a real sense of positivity as the breezy melody skips along a dusty Spring street and the whimsical vocals bounce off roof tops like a bird singing a delicate song. Parekh & Singh are masters of making soufflé pop that is lighter than air but utterly delicious and satisfying at the same time. Even the drums feel like the beat is being beaten out by two celery sticks on a white sheet billowing on a washing line in the morning sun. Such style, such grace and such melody – gorgeous.

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