The Sad Song Co. – The Legacy of Love 
The Sad Song Co. - Legacy of Love

Release Date: Out Now

No many will remember the Unbelievable Truth (mostly famous for featuring Thom Yorke’s brother) but they released a single called ‘Settle Down’ that is still one of my all-time favourite songs to sing along to. So to receive this new material from ex-Unbelievable Truth member Nigel Powell was pretty exciting to me even though that won’t mean much to anyone else. Such is the curse of those that seek the obscure and unheard. The Sad Song Co. produces that utterly British thing of an epic, sweeping love song done through dour, sombre landscapes and muted tones. ‘The Legacy Of Love’ is a genuinely beautiful song with soft vocal harmonies and gentle guitar notes playing off the thoughtful vocals and shuffled rhythms. However, before this gets too depressing, The Sad Song Co. manage to blend from Simon & Garfunkel introspection in to Elbow-esque triumphalism without you even noticing it happen before your very ears. There is also something strangely comforting about this song, a familiarity that you hadn’t noticed before. Like collapsing exhausted in to a bed you’ve never slept in before but feeling instantly comfortable. This is gorgeous stuff that feeds the soul and nurtures it back to full strength.