Shayla Souliere – Screw U 
Shayla Souliere - Screw U
Release Date: Out Now

There seems to be a long line of talented female pop stars coming out of Canada at the moment and Regina Saskatchewan native Shayla Souliere is the latest on the conveyor belt. The slightly uncompromisingly titled ‘Screw U’ is one of those songs that you just know is borne out of real life emotions as the stabbed keyboard melodies and Kelly Clarkson vocals emerge from the wreckage of a totalled relationship. The slightly subdued verses give way to an angry and bile spitting chorus that is delivered through clenched teeth and a sense of utter defiance. ‘Screw U’ fits in well with likes of Pink, Katie Perry and Jessie J in terms of creating pop with that defiant, sassy edge and a sense of power that is hard to ignore.