Ivory Wave – Paradise 
Ivory Wave - Paradise

Release Date: Out Now

Birmingham boys Ivory Wave are something a little bit different and everyone knows I like things that are a little bit different. New single ‘Ivory Wave’ has a real Happy Mondays vibe about it complete with bizarre samples, baggy guitars and the loosest drums. But, just as with Bez and co., there is a tune here with excellent melodies and a trippy sense that would suit that sunrise moment after an all-night party when you decide to get on it one more time. B-side (bonus point) ‘Young Blood’ is a more acoustic driven affair with more than a hint of Richard Ashcroft about it but there is an unmistakably gang feel to this band; five lads make music together as a way of communicating and maybe as a means of escape. The way it should be.

Live Dates:

19th August – Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham

30th September – Sunflower Lounger, Birmingham