Hypophora – Youth/Caught 
Hypophora - Youth/Caught

Release Date: Out Now

Have you ever wondered what kind of music the kids of Cornwall are making these days? Well, Truro trio Hypophora are a good place to start if you’re interested in finding out. New single ‘Youth’ is a clattering, rambunctious racket with power and finesse in equal measure as the band slot in behind LWM favourites Berries with influences in the Reuben, Biffy Clyro and early Incubus patch in the middle of their indie rock Venn diagram. The guitars are System Of A Down level intricate while the bass and drums are so tight you’d be lucky to get half a shandy out of them. Leading lady Katie McConnell has that rare thing these days in that she has uber-powerful lungs mixed in with a real vocal style that should see these guys play listed on a whole range of Rock shows and channels like Scuzz in no time. There’s the bonus of extra track ‘Caught’ here which is slightly more considered but packs no less of a punch with a growling bass line and 90s grunge guitars underneath McConnell’s clenched teeth vocals. This is small town frustration borne out with guitars and drums (my favourite, how did you know?) and it is utterly enthralling stuff. No more do you need to wonder about the kids of Cornwall, the answer is here and the answer is good. So good.