Dollie Demi – New Girl 
Dollie Demi - New Girl 

Release Date: Out Now

I’m a sucker for a bit of bubblegum pop with a sassy attitude and it feels like a while since the dust settled on the whole girl power thing so I’m intrigued by the prospect of Mancunian pop princess Dollie Demi. This debut single, ‘New Girl’, pretty instantly sets its stall out as somewhere in the middle of the Lily Allen, Kate Nash and Brassy trifecta but with louder guitars and a real American radio friendly twang. The 90s skatepunk guitars mixed with Demi’s saccharine sweet vocals and some big drums in the middle eight make this primed for the kind of film where a teenage geek girl finds her inner glamour-puss and shocks all the mean girls at the prom but with a more English edge. This is in no way highbrow stuff but if you want something you can mosh to and have a melody stuck in your head for the bus ride home then Dollie Demi might just be your favourite new pop star.

Live Dates:

21st September – Night & Day Café, Manchester