Bare Hunter – Dry Rot EP 
Bare Hunter - Dry Rot EP

Release Date: Out Now

Who fancies some dirty blues rock from London town? Tough, that’s what you’re getting. Trio Bare Hunter have unleashed their Dry Rot EP on the world and it kicks off with the furiously paced ‘She Said’ which has all the snarl and swagger of The Hives mixed with the uber-cool of the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. The rumble, the thud and the wail all mingle to a tumultuous level and I’m in love, I want to have their babies and we’re only one track in. ‘Cash Money’ is a more scratchy, bluesy affair with a harmonica siren call and that Jon Spencer (or is it Boss Hogg) tone is there again mixed with the sound of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s grandsons playing around in the family vault.

On ‘Kilamanjaro’ Bare Hunter’s psychedelic influences start to shine through as some plodding drums and atmospheric guitars stumble from a smoky room in nothing by a pair of skinny jeans and a smile. There are brief moments when this sounds like a song from a particularly freaky episode of the Mighty Boosh or a noodling Kula Shaker number but with more of a primal rumble to it before it explodes in to some frenetic, amp kicking garage rock’n’roll. EP title track ‘Dry Rot’ brings things to a close with a bluesy swamp stomp that sounds like the kind of thing Seasick Steve would jam out with Electric Six on the soundtrack to the sequel to ‘O Brother Where Art Thou’. That love at first sight feeling lasts through all four tracks on this EP so I think this might just be the real thing – I’m going to introduce Bare Hunter to my parents after a lustful weekend in Dover.