Soffia Bjorg – I Lie 
Soffia Bjorg - I Lie

Release Date: Out Now

Iceland, as a nation, seem to do things in terms of quality rather than quantity and that certainly applies to this debut release from the diminutive Soffia Bjorg. The punky garage riff behind ‘I Lie’ is somewhere between Graham Coxon, the Strokes and the Breeders which is an infectious place to be as the chorus melody bounces around just the way the indie disco ordered. Bjorg’s voice has a 70s quality to it as she switches from almost apologetic verses to defiant, lip curling choruses with the help of a shouting choir. If Soffia isn’t performing somewhere in a tent at Glastonbury next year then someone at the BBC isn’t doing their job and Michael Eavis will be gutted to have missed out. Soffia Bjorg is ready to come in out of the cold so step aside, losers.

Live Dates:

23rd July – Braeoslan 2016, Borgarfijorour Eystri

2nd November – Iceland Airwaves, Reykjavik


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