Pneuma – Party All Night 
Pneuma - Party All Night

Release Date: Out Now

How about a little bit of funk to kick off your weekend? Technically, Leeds outfit Pneuma describe themselves as Electric-Soul but to me this debut single, ‘Party All Night’, has funk running through it like letters in a stick of rock. Sure, the guitar edges on the cheesy and the percussion in there makes me feel like I’m in a lounge bar in Miami but these guys have got chops. Serious horns, tight rhythms and a slickly sick bass line combine with some sexy synths and the kind of vocals that make the words irrelevant, such is their melodiousness. Pneuma (the p is silent) means the vital spirit or creative force of a person and that’s exactly what this band are channelling if you want the vital spirit of someone picking up their keys, checking their phone and heading out the door for a huge Friday night. You dig? I dig.

Live Dates:

13th July – The Packhorse, Leeds
19th July – Blues Kitchen, London
27th July – Smokestack, Leeds
5th August – HOME, Lincoln

11th August – Northern Green Gathering Festival, Ashbourne