Angie – Smoke Weed Eat Pussy 
Angie - Smoke Weed Eat Pussy

Release Date: Out Now

I love this tune and on the face of it I probably shouldn’t but it’s the most up front, honest, in your face tune I’ve heard in this genre for a long time. Stockholm self-confessed l’il weed hoe (it’s her Facebook handle for the love of God) Angie is the kind of girl that you would hate to be on a shift with at the 24-hour petrol station but you’d still want to get it on with her so you’d be nice even if she was a bitch to you. That energy and attitude comes out brilliantly in ‘Smoke Weed Eat Pussy’ as Angie sings “I smoke weed eat pussy every day and every day is kinda the same” through some wonky auto-tune. Skittish beats, ominous synth drones and some more lyrical gold (“I will never be your baby cos I’m a motherfucking lady”) make this a lot of fun, throw in some horns and a sense of relentless sexual passive aggression and you’ve got something pretty unique. Angie just upped the bar and the pretenders like Rhianna, Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus are gonna have to reassess their output in every area. Or just give up. All hail Angie.