The Medicine Hat – New Survival 
The Medicine Hat - New Survival

Release Date: Out Now

More wondrous music from the realms of Canada now as Ontario miserablists The Medicine Hat are back with a new single under the title ‘New Survival’. Now don’t misunderstand me when I use the term miserablist, I’m a firm believer that from time to time we all need to visit our dark side, our grumpy quarters and our moody mansion. ‘New Survival’ is a great soundtrack to the journey towards these spaces as the urgent beats and swaying synths mark off each mile of the journey fuelled by the bouncing guitars. There is a sense of wanting to resist the urge to wallow, to rise above the misery here but also a sense of acceptance that the only way out is through. The Medicine Hat take the expansive indie of the likes of the Arcade Fire and the Killers but add a darker, alt-pop edge that is washed down with some seriously gorgeous vocals. One for the dark times, for sure, but one that will help you through them as well. Classy stuff.