The Ballroom Babies – I Won’t Change 
The Ballroom Babies - I Won't Change

Release Date: Out Now

Three hungry Canadian brothers walked in to a bar and the landlord said “play me some Blues and I’ll get you some shows in close proximity to a whole lot of food”, so the legend goes. In reality, the Ballroom Babies are three Canadian brothers but the fact that most of their forthcoming gigs seem to be at food based events could be a coincidence. New single ‘I Won’t Change’, however, is one mother loving slice of Blues Rock and no mistake. Hendrix-esque grooves fly from the guitars while that rhythm section rocks out as tight as anyone out there today. The three way brotherly harmonies add some velvet to the raw, steely machine that chugs away relentlessly eating up the road beneath its smoking tyres. Get these boys some ribs and a few brewskis and then let them rock your socks off, it’s only right.

Live Dates:

17th June – Beach BBQ & Brews Festival, Toronto
18th June – Cherry Cola’s, Toronto
25th June – Woodstock Rib Fest, Woodstock
2nd July – Georgina Rib Fest, Goergina
9th July – Thomas Rib Fest, Saint Thomas
16th July – Milton Rib Fest, Milton
29th July – Hamilton Food Festival, Hamilton
7th August – Ajax Rib Fest, Ajax
13th August – Gage Park Rib Festival, Hamilton
19th August – Georgetown Rib Festival, Georgetown

28th August – Orillia Rib Festival, Ontario