Taylor Tucker – Leather Shoes 
Taylor Tucker - Leather Shoes

Release Date: Out Now

Saucy New York minx Taylor Tucker has decided to unleash her debut single, ‘Leather Shoes’, on an unsuspecting public so you’d better sit up straight and listen good. Immediately, ‘Leather Shoes’ has the stomping thump of Florence + The Machine, some sexy soulful horns and a sense of the Amy Winehouse brand of vocal ability but with a more pop sensibility. Tucker keeps you guessing from verse to chorus and back again with her rich tones adding some silk to the steely industry of that punchy rhythm section. This is a song made for tough seduction, ‘I want you but only my terms’ is the message Tucker is giving out. Kinda like girlpower but without all the crop-tops and shrieking. This is just power, regardless of gender. I told you to listen good, don’t say I didn’t warn you.