Scarlett Saunders – Windmill (Lost In The Manor) 
Scarlett Saunders - Windmill

Release Date: Out Now

Scarlett Saunders sounds like one of those people having a sickeningly fulfilling life that makes you question so many of your life choices. As well as being a musician, Scarlett also paints on foraged wood and attends acting school – I know, I know, me too. Jealousy aside, however, new single ‘Windmill’ is a sparsely beautiful piece featuring some gentle guitar notes, Scarlett’s easy vocal style and, well, not much else really. There’s a 90 second coda featuring various ambient sounds and tones but otherwise this is just a gently, quietly beautiful piece that soothes and quietens the soul like the tide rolling back and forth over softly rounded pebbles on a beach.