Racing Glaciers – Samadhi [So Far Away] (Killing Moon Records) 
Racing Glaciers - Samadhi [So Far Away]

Release Date: Out Now

Macclesfield lads Racing Glaciers might have a great name but before I’d even given this tune a listen I was distracted by something. I’m specifically referring to you, second from the right in the band photo. What the hell is that in your pocket? Seriously, I’m pretty sure you knew that photo was going to be taken when you set out that day unless you all hang around in the woods waiting for the right light and passing photographers. I’ll let it slide but, y’know, be better next time.

So, this single, ‘Samadhi [So Far Away]’ starts like a shoegaze folk acoustic meander before the force of the band crashes in for the chorus and you realise the size and weight of this tune (maybe that’s what’s in the pocket). There’s a west coast, slacker vibe to this like Weezer on a grumpy day but then there’s that introspective Britishness that the likes of Maccabees do so expertly as well. As the song builds to its unstoppable crescendo you get the feeling you’re on a runaway train heading for an unfinished bridge but, all of a sudden, Godzilla’s giant foot just squashes that runaway train like a lousy woodlouse. At just over five minutes, this song takes some attention but it’s worth giving your time and attention to. So worth it.