Narcs – Bullingdon Boys (Clue Records) 
Narcs - Bullingdon Boys

Release Date: Out Now

So the world is turning to shit faster than you can say ‘misogynistic racist nut-job’ and the soundtrack is still a collection of arse wobbling mediocrity ‘singing’ about where they want you to put your junk through a series of very thinly veiled euphemisms. What we need now is some angry, politically charged music by four master songwriters from Leeds who want to hold their middle fingers up at the establishment while a wave of feedback dries their eyeballs in to dust. Well, you’re in luck, Narcs are back. There’s a new album on the way next month but, for now, feast your ears on new single ‘Bullingdon Boys’. From the punchy drums that herald the start of this tune to the expansive guitars and grinding bass this is a tune that screams of underdogs taking centre stage in the big leagues. This is Leicester City not only winning the Premier League but setting fire to the trophy and pissing on the bonfire. And then there’s the lyrics; where else would you find lyrics like “Captain Neckbeard and his logical bellend friends” and “Your whole street means less than a single fucking Boris faced foetus”? Narcs are not just a band you should listen to for enjoyment but a band you NEED to listen to as the soundtrack to your anger at the world right now. And if you’re not angry then you should be, you really, really should be.

Live Dates:

8th July – Album Launch show @ Brudenell Social Club, Leeds w/ Mouses + Fighting Caravans
9th July – 2000 Trees Festival, Tetbury
16th July – Green Rooms, Stockton

23rd July – Tramlines Festival, Sheffield