Mad Love – I’m Not A Smoker 
Mad Love - I'm Not A Smoker

Release Date: Out Now

‘Angry Northern Teenage Noise’ and ‘Indie Music Antiheroes’ are just two of the descriptions this Huddersfield trio give themselves and they sound like fine mottos to set your stall out to. ‘I’m Not A Smoker’ opens with some strained and drawled vocals atop some delicate guitar a la early Arctic Monkeys or the Longpigs. Just before the minute mark, however, a swaying, braying and leery end of the night indie anthem lurches in to view. The bass is the driving force here as these young’uns take direction from 90s Britpop, slacker grunge and the Sub Pop back catalogue to create something that lives up everything they’ve said about themselves. This is angry, there is a northern accent in evidence, they are teenagers and boy is there a wall of noise as they sing ‘Do you need another metaphor?’ as if they’re asking you all out for a fight. I love the energy and the cynicism for ones so young, more please.

Live Dates:

9th June – Tsone, Middleborough
10th June – Santiago’s, Leeds w/Party Hardly + Alverstone
11th June – The Maze, Nottingham
18th June – Live In Barnsley, Barnsley
24th June – The Rs Bar, Sheffield
29th June – Otso, Huddersfield (Acoustic Show)

9th July – Futuresound Competition @ The Wardrobe, Leeds