Lovestarrs – Somebody Like You (DEFDISCO) 
Lovestarrs - Somebody Like You

Release Date: Out Now

Poppy upstarts Lovestarrs are back with a new single and, as they say up north, it’s reet classy. ‘Somebody Like You’ has a punchy, sumptuous synth melody and crunchy beats that are matched only by some lip curling, teeth baring pop vocals from the feisty Sarah. There’s a dark element to the tune as the duo sing of unrequited infatuation (this isn’t a love song) and this reminds me of all the best bits of pop, like Sugababes when Siobhan was still a member or Girls Aloud before they got above their station but with the raw energy of Sleigh Bells and a sense that they’re making this music for themselves, who cares what everyone else thinks. Now put your Converse on and let’s go have a pogo down the front.

Live Dates:

23rd July – Tramlines Festival, Sheffield