Hilary Woods – Bathing (Blood Orange) 
Hilary Woods - Bathing

Release Date: Out Now

I’m always keen to give new artists a chance, particularly when they’ve been in other bands before but are now striking out in a new direction. However, although this is no different I do have to pause and note a smirk of joy when I saw that former JJ72 bassist Hilary Woods was putting out solo material. Now this has nothing to do with her musical ability, I always quite liked JJ72, it’s just that during my university years my partner in crime Adam had an uncontrollable crush on Ms Woods for which I mocked him relentlessly.

Anyone, on to the music; ‘Bathing’ is a super-slow, tripped out slice of ambience that drifts in on the mists of an estuary with a sense of foreboding calm. This is a 21st century siren call that lures you in with its long held notes and breathy vocals before the clicked rhythm starts to chip away at your sanity and before you know it you can’t remember who your family are or how to get home. The rippling piano leaves this erring on the side of beauty as the likes of PJ Harvey, Portishead and Ultravox all come seeping through like fresh rain water filtering through porous rock. This is a vast soundscape that takes nearly six minutes to come in to focus but when it does you can’t help but go back to the beginning to do it all again. Oh and there are loads of giraffes in the video which may or may not float your boat.