Faulkner – These Kids Nowadays 
Faulkner - These Kids Nowadays

Release Date: Out Now

There are certain places that demand a certain sound from their musicians and Los Angeles demands that it’s artists are over the top and larger than life. LA boys Faulkner live up to that expectation on ‘These Kids Nowadays’ with a video recorded on a helipad on top of a high rise building. Classy. The song itself is a slice of synth heavy rock with a poppy bass line and stabbing guitars. This is part Duran Duran, part the Killers and a twist of prog-pop thrown in there. Essentially, what we have here is a slower, mid-set song to let things simmer down before you unleash your big crowd pleasers so it does its job but as a single it doesn’t pack as much of a punch as you might hope for. Also, if you’re going to film on top of a high rise building you might as well invest in a drone camera and get some big money shots, this kinda looks like it could have been green screened.

Live Dates:

6th July – The Satellite, Los Angeles

12th July – Bowery Electric, New York