Dotter – Creatures Of The Sun (Warner Music Sweden) 
Dotter - Creatures Of The Sun

Release Date: Out Now

Dotter is described in her press blurb as a Swedish Pop Goddess which would surely have attracted a snort of derision if you’d given this as your life goal to a high school careers advisor. Nevertheless, Dotter has achieved this level of awesomeness at a relatively young age and new single ‘Creatures Of The Sun’ attests to this fact. The Stockholm songstress comes on like Lana Del Ray but with some more Rhianna-esque pop power in this uptempo but ethereal pop gem. What’s even more delightful, however, is that somewhere along her musical path Dotter has clearly taken in some B52s as Kate Pierson’s gorgeous vocal style. I think Dotter could be a bit of a star and if the likes of Lauren Laverne or Chris Evans give the Goddess of Swedish Pop a bit of radio play then she might just become a Goddess of world pop.