Bud Sugar – Get Familiar 
Bud Sugar - Get Familiar

Release Date: Out Now

Hull upstarts Bud Sugar look like two fifths of them are having a whale of a time judging from this press shot. I kind of imagine the photographer saying “you two, look like you’re having way more fun than the others. And you three, look like they are your dads and they’re pissed up and dancing at one of your gigs. Perfect”. Nevertheless, new single ‘Get Familiar’ starts like a Jack Johnson or G Love and the Special Sauce track before morphing in to some early Will and The People stuff. Trickling acoustic lines and some rippling rhymes flowing out atop some sparse percussion makes for an easy going vibe which, I’ll be honest, is more appealing than I was expecting. This is beach party music with a ska and reggae inspired undercurrent that should be drifting out over a sandy landscape as the sun goes down, the fires get lit and the mood turns to partying. I can imagine these guys opening for Pharrell Williams or Bruno Mars someday but for now I’m sure they’ll be making girls dance suggestively across the UK for the summer months and beyond.