BLKMGK - I Got Ya feat. She's Ryan

BLKMGK – I Got Ya! Feat. She’s Ryan (Cosmos/BITD)

Release Date: Out Now

Swedish producer Lars Soderberg is either a fan of 80s chocolates or Little Mix songs but whatever his preference, he sure as hell doesn’t like vowels. New single ‘I Got Ya!’ features the vocal talents of She’s Ryan and it’s a bonafide sexy stomp or strut through club land. Dirty synths, Minaj attitude and some fairly aggressive vocals (“I swear to God, I’d kill a bitch”) all make for a great song that is, essentially, about having your mate’s back no matter what happens. There’s that unmistakable Europop flavour to things but it’s a positive, upbeat and groove laden dance tune and I think we can all agree that’s exactly what this summer needs right now so do some stretches and be prepared to bust your best twerk out at the next BBQ you attend.