Best Friends Club – Thru The Nite Feat. Kasho 
Best Friends Club - Thru The Nite

Release Date: 28th June 2016

I’ve said it before and I’m about to say it again; Canada keeps pumping interesting and engaging musicians. Best Friends Club (aka Matthew Vultaggio and various guest artists) is an intriguing project and, if ‘Thru The Nite’ is anything to go by, then it’s one worth paying attention to. It might only be two and a half minutes long and have some awful spelling in the title, but ‘Thru The Nite’ features so gloriously trippy beats, sparse melodies and the kind of vocals that can only be produced when you’re about 4 joints in and you think you’re powering out a stadium filling rock ballad. It’s a bedroom project, for sure, but it veers more towards the trippier moments of LCD Soundsystem or Boards Of Canada despite having a few touches of White Town which are just as satisfying.  Best Friends Club is the sound of one man heading in many different directions.