Sonny Green – As Above So Below (Hostage Music) 
Sonny Green - As Above So Below

Release Date: Out Now

There’s a lot of pressure on the shoulders of young Essex man Sonny Green – being hailed as the voice of a generation will do that to a man. There’s buzz as well as pressure and a whole heap of excitement but when that precedes actually hearing the music itself that can muddy the waters a little. So, giving new single ‘As Above So Below’ a spin needs to be done with a clear mind. The menacing tones of the intro are matched by the urban sprawl of the video but soon you’re swept away by the speed of Green’s rhymes. This is rap for the suburban warriors and it’s articulately delivering a message, for sure, but there is something missing. OK, it’s edgy and it’s modern but there is a hook lacking that would propel this in to something that would get his message out to the mainstream audience. Maybe Sonny is the voice of his generation and he’s certainly talented but the sad truth is we’re from different generations so this passes me by a little.