Penny Bridges – Demo Review 
Penny Bridges - Demos

Release Date: Out Now

I hope Penny Bridges is a real name rather than a nom de plume but even if it’s not this Wolverhampton singer songwriter has picked a cracking title that is part Penny Lane and part Nash Bridges. The three songs available on Penny’s Soundcloud kick off with ‘Gratitude’ and immediately the listener is transported to an elf inhabited woodland glade as Bridges’ delicate guitar picking and vocals dance gracefully with each other. For the chorus, however, a flavour of Florence + The Machine and Bat For Lashes creeps in with booming beats and more powerful vocals.

‘You Cry Yourself Away’ is a late night, candlelit tune that reeks of red wine, burning embers and the desire to stay awake just so you don’t have to go to bed with only your thoughts and regrets for company. The trio of tracks is completed by ‘Ascendancy’, a kooky and summery tune with lightness at its heart and wanderlust in its soul. Across three tunes, Penny Bridges has shown that she has musical ability, a stunning voice, the gift of song crafting and an affinity with a range of genres that make her a genuinely exciting and enthralling prospect.