Blu Fiefer – Jukebox 
Blu Fiefer - Jukebox

Release Date: Out Now

Half Mexican and half Lebanese is an unusual and improbable combination but that’s the genetic heritage that Blu Fiefer was born with and she’s making it work in an extremely funky way. Fiefer’s new single, ‘Jukebox’, has a spooky and slightly monastic intro before her voice comes snaking in from the shadows to twist around your senses. Part Sneaker Pimps, part Rhianna and part Portishead this tune speaks to me on a raw, primal and sexual level as the beats undulate and the melodies writhe in uncontrollable ecstasy. This is definitely one to put on the stereo after the club and before the bedroom….only just before the bedroom mind, don’t leave it too long.