Bloom Twins – Amnesia 
Bloom Twins - Amnesia

Release Date: Out Now

London based Ukrainian identical twin sisters Sonia and Anna Kuprienko go by the name Bloom Twins and, in case you’re thinking it, their new single ‘Amnesia’ sounds nothing like tATu. Breathy vocals and sultry beats kick things off before the sophisti-pop gets going with all the force of Rhianna, Beyonce and Florence. There is a slightly bleak and industrial feel to this anti-love anthem as the mechanical beats chop through the droned bass notes. So that’s industrial feeling sophisti-pop from two young East European women – OK, it  is a bit like tATu but I still quite like it.

Live Dates:

20th May – North Laine Brewhouse, Brighton w/Croox + Cash+David + ISLAND + Majik
25th May –Terminal 42, Odesa

30th May – Atlas, Kiev w/Myopia