Alex Bent & The Emptiness – Blonde American Girl 
Alex Bent & The Emptiness - Blonde American Girl

Release Date: Out Now

On first appearance, Alex Bent & The Emptiness sounds like a band name that Charlie Brooker would make up for a mockumentary about underground indie scene in downtown Cheltenham as the 80s gave way to the 90s. On first listen, however, the band’s new single ‘Blonde American Girl’ owes more to the world of Bristol’s 90s scene with the likes of Portishead and Roni Size influencing the music while Aphex Twin throws in some suggestions from the sofa. Vocally, this sounds more like Justin Bieber tripping out on himself and experimenting with some processors when all the groupies have left the tour bus. It’s a strange and unsettling six and a half minutes but the song builds and develops in to more than just beats and noises with some real piano melodies creeping in. Really interesting and multi-layered creativity from the Canadian, then. Who knew?