Ursa Major – 5AM/Intro 
Ursa Major - 5AM/Intro

Release Date: Out Now

I love this kid. I say kid as he’s younger than me but that applies to an increasing large proportion of the world’s population. Anyway, aging issues aside, Toronto soloist Ursa Major is back with a new single, ‘5AM/Intro’, which comes in at just under three minutes but is as far from Punk as you can get. Blissed out melodies and sparse beats are soon bounced in to life with a bulging bass line and Ursa Major semi-sung rap style. The small town angst played out against a slow-jam is an intriguing and enthralling proposition so when you throw in the nod to global McDonaldisation in the repeated “I’m loving it” lyric this song just develops multi-layer before your eyes. Ursa Major is a mysterious character for sure but I love the fact that he’s creating music that he wants to put out there and his output is all the better for that honesty and passion. New EP coming soon, keep an ear out for that one.