Team ‘O’ – Still You 
Team 'O' - Still You

Release Date: Out Now

OK, so I have to admit that it was the artwork for this single that caught my attention as I thought it was either a spoof or one of those awkward couple photos that they do slide shows on Buzzfeed. Anyway, it turns out it’s neither of those things and is genuinely a loving picture of London based husband and wife soul duo Team ‘O’. The couples’ new single, ‘Still You’, is a wonderfully 80s inspired soft-soul melody, the likes of which has recently experienced something of a renaissance thanks to the likes of Lionel Ritchie and Nile Rodgers. Lyrically this is a heartfelt love song between a man and his wife but really it’s a slow soul jam that is made for some sexily close dancing at a wine-bar before going home in a brand new VW Golf and impressing your lady with some Black Magic and a glass of Babycham.