Tanita Tikaram – The Way You Move 
Tanita Tikaram - The Way You Move

Release Date: Out Now

Well, I have to admit that Tanita Tikaram was a name from my past that I didn’t expect to see crop up in my inbox but, many years after bleeding through the walls from my sister’s bedroom, here she is again. I should clarify, Tikaram didn’t literally bleed through my walls in some terrifying blood covered apparition – I just meant her music. This new single, ‘The Way You Move’, is a lively, acoustic lead tune that lends itself to swaying hips, late evening sunshine and plenty of fruit based cocktails. Tikaram’s voice is recognisably husky yet smooth as the guitars sashay effortlessly along the Mediterranean cost from Saint Tropez to Barcelona. The video dances the line between cheezy and unashamedly fun but features a lot of escalator footage and it turns out that escalators are kinda my bag. Not the most groundbreaking piece of music I’ve ever heard but it’s fun and it sounds like Tanita had fun making it so I’m on board.

Live Dates:

24th May – Alte Oper, Frankfurt Am Main w/Concha Buika

23rd July – Manefestivalen, Fredrikstad