Phoebe Robinson – Daytime T.V./From The Ash (Foof Records) 
Phoebe Robinson - Daytime T.V. / From The Ash

Release Date: Out Now

I’m not going to make any mustard or Partridge references but suffice to say Phoebe Robinson is from Norwich – not the musical mecca that some might expect such a talent to hail from. The wondrous folk at Foof Records have unearthed Ms Robinson and this double A-side single is an absolute delight. ‘Daytime T.V.’ is a delicately woozy number with all manner of samples, melodies and sounds swirling around like the possibilities laid out in front of a young and hopeful optimist. Vocally, this is as close to the criminally underrated Zoe Johnston as it’s possible to get and that fits musically as well if you consider the work ZJ did with Bent back in the day. ‘From The Ash’ is more angelic and pure, like a crisp morn in the countryside where only a curious robin moves on the immediate horizon. Robinson’s voice is clear and icy cool as the gentle, rippling guitar provides the early morning warmth of a slept in blanket and you would be hard pushed not to fall in love with Robinson as her Marling-esque phrasing turns in to a chaotic and semi-cacophonic crescendo. In the space of two songs, Phoebe Robinson has entirely enthralled me and I would urge you all to take the opportunity to grab yourself a free download from the link below – I know I have.

Live Dates:

25th June – Waterfront Studio, Norwich w/Avec Sans + Abigail Blake