Leaone – Young Green Eyes 
Leaone - Young Green Eyes

Release Date: Out Now

Now I don’t want to judge a book by its cover but when you read that an artist has created a video to accompany his new single and done so using only footage taken of his ex-girlfriend on a holiday in Paris then you could be forgiven for thinking things might get a bit stalky. The sombre opening chords don’t do much to help this vibe either but then again this isn’t a happy clappy song. ‘Young Green Eyes’ is a dark, Cash-esque slice of blindie (that’s bleak indie, a new genre I just made up). Leaone’s voice is seductively deep and smooth in a way that makes me want to crawl in to bed and want to get over a breakup with only that vocal tone to wrap myself up. Rich musicianship, dark tones and that sense of utter, soul destroying loss you feel when you break up with the person you thought was ‘the one’ all blend like oil and sand to make a thick, inescapable and sticky mess. I think you’re well shot though mate, I mean, she chews gum with her mouth open. Who does she think she is, a Pink Lady?